Questions For Your Tattoo Artist

While you’re still on the fence of whether or not to get a tattoo, you may or may not have thought about where you will be getting the tattoo and from whom. One of the crucial steps in making a tattoo decision is going to the tattoo parlor and speaking with the artist you would be the one tattooing you.

Here are a few important things to discuss when you speak to your potential tattoo artist:

  • How long has this artist and parlor been in business?
    Discovering how long this particular shop has been in business can offer some reassurance if it has been running a reputable operation for many years. Also, find out if the parlor belongs to the Better Business Bureau. Check with them to see if there has been any complaints within the last few years.
  • Artist qualifications and experience
    Experience and professionalism is not something to take lightly here. You’re about to have something put on your body that will be there forever. You want the most skilled artists that you can possibly find and do not settle. Aside from the design work, years of experience will also ensure that proper use of the gun, and sterilization will take place and protect you from any infections or diseases.
  • Discuss the cost
    If you find an artist that you feel absolutely confident with but he is a little out of your price range, you have two options. You can save until you can afford the quality tattoo, or you can try and find another artist with the same talent that charges less. This isn’t something that you really want to hit the bargain shop for. During the conversation, it’s a good idea to have the artist  estimate the total hours if he charges an hourly rate and confirm that there are no extra surprise costs that you may incur.
  • Guaranteed quality
    Any reputable artist will guarantee their work and also will agree to fix it for free if something were to go wrong. If you take care of the tattoo properly, but ink does not hold, or any other problems, they should offer to take care of the problem.

As with any service, there is never too many questions if you feel that you do not understand something or are unsure of what the outcome will be such as cost. Getting a tattoo shouldn’t be something that you’re unsure of when you’re walking into your appointment to sit in the chair and get inked.

A good idea is to bring a list of all your quotions and concerns so you don’t forget anything before making an appointment.

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