Tattoo Aftercare: Protect Your New Tattoo

Every good tattoo artist will take time to clean and also apply antiseptic ointment to a tattoo design as it is being created as experienced artists knows that this helps a great deal in keeping the new tattoo healthy. After the tattoo has been completed, the artists will once again wipe down, clean, and apply another coat of antiseptic before wrapping a piece of cellophane or tissue over the entire design.

Before you leave the tattoo parlor, the artist should give you a detailed run down of how to take care of your new tattoo to avoid any infection or damage to the design. Some tattoo studios will provide a detailed outline on paper that you can take home with you so that you don’t forget anything.

On the odd chance that you got a new tattoo done but didn’t receive any instructions at all on aftercare, it’s not actually hard to take care of as long as you understand the basic dos and don’ts.

  • Watch for swelling and infection
    If after your tattoo is finished and you later notice excessive redness or the area is swollen, you should see your doctor right away. If it happens to be infected, typically the infection can be treated with medicine. In extreme cases, you may need further treatment. Worse case scenario is that you’d have to remove the tattoo, but the important thing is to get help as soon as you see any symptoms of infection.
  • Keep it dry and clean
    Don’t jump in the shower as soon as you get home from the tattoo parlor. You want to keep the tattoo as dry as possible for the first few days and be sure to clean it every few hours. It’s also very important to keep your hands clean. be sure to wash your hands well before touching and/or cleaning the tattoo.
  • Apply A&D ointment
    Be sure to pick up some A&D ointment at your local drugstore on the way home if you don’t already have it in the house.  When you apply the ointment, wipe it when it looks like it’s starting to dry and then apply a little more. Do not rub the tattoo too hard though, otherwise you could damage the design.
  • Don’t touch that scab
    After a few days, the tattoo will most likely form a scab on top. Use all your will power in order not to touch it or pick it. It will itch sometimes, but you must stay discipline. Picking it off before it is ready can damage the design.
    You can apply a little A&D ointment over lightly over the scab if you like.

Your tattoo is for life, so make sure you take excellent care of it during it’s healing process so it looks the best that it possibly can afterwards.

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