The Versatility of Arm Tattoos

Sleeve Tattoo

You might see a variety of colorful tattoo designs etched on different parts of a person’s body, yet the safest and perhaps the most common part that is most evident is the arm tattoo. Arm tattoos are easy to make and maneuver, most especially when the designs are complicated and require much space. The arm is wide, convenient to work on when making a cool design. Most people in love etch their loved one’s name on the arm. Consequently, must arm tattoos represent love, fond memories, meaningful things, and intriguing events. Some arm tattoos, however, do not necessarily connote some meaning; it may just be another form of self-expression.

Getting a tattoo takes a self-conviction as well as a decision to have one. An arm tattoo, although the safest and most common, still requires time to make. It takes about two to three sessions to be able to finally have an arm tattoo carved permanently on the skin. The tattoo artist usually makes a sketch or an outline during the first session When everything seems to work out fine during the first session, there will be preparations made to progress to the second session. The tattooing, most often than not, usually takes place on the second or third session.

If you are contemplating on where to put your tattoo, the arm is the most strategic and safest. You might ask why. Well, the reason is simple. You can cover your arm tattoo with long sleeves when the occasion calls for it. However, if you are in the beach or in a summer outing, it is so easy to bare it all and show some skin! The arm tattoo can be sexy and hot, a great summer highlight to match with your flimsy attire.

Before deciding on arm tattoos, you need to consider these important points: the location of the arm tattoo and the type of the arm tattoo and its design. Men and women both wear arm tattoos. That is a fact, although the placement and position may vary depending on the sexes.

A basic form of an arm tattoo is the Sleeve Tattoo. It usually extends from the shoulders down to the elbows. Sleeve tattoos most likely envelope around the arm area just likes how the sleeves wrap around the arm. You can choose many designs, perhaps mix basic ones and match with a personal touch to make it more distinct and personalized.

Another kind of arm tattoo that is fast becoming a hit is the shoulder tattoo. Shoulder tattoos cover the shoulder and the arm but do not include the shoulder blade. Most shoulder tattoos connect to the upper arm for aesthetic purposes. With this, there is a wide- variety of shoulder tattoo designs to choose from for anyone interested. Opposite to the shoulder tattoo, is the forearm tattoo, which is normally engraved on either the outer or inner part of the lower arm.
When you have finally decided to ‘get inked’, arm tattoos are the most convenient to have these days. You have the option to either hide it when there is a need or flaunt it and be proud of it!

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