Infinity Tattoo Meaning

Tattoo of an infinity sign is categorized as unisexual. It will look great on both men and a woman. This simple mathematical symbol carries a deep philosophical meaning. In many ways, the meaning of the tattoo of the infinity sign has a magical symbolism. This tattoo symbolizes the eternal human desire for unattainable beauty, to eternity and world harmony, which the ancient Greeks called the cosmos.

Many people think that infinity this is purely a mathematical symbol. However, this is not the case. This symbol can be found even in the ancient Tibetan rock art. Initially, it was portrayed as a snake biting its own tail. According to legend, a magical snake Ouroboros, tried to eat himself. But while he ate one of his part, his body continued to grow. This process was never-ending. That is why the image of a snake became the symbol of infinity, including Math. The infinity tattoo represents the union of the beginning and end of a natural cycle.

Infinity tattoo looks spectacular in doubles figures. They are suitable for lovers who wish to testify with tattoo, the desire to be together forever. In this case, the tattoo will embody faithfulness in love towards each other.

The Infinity tattoo can also represent the modern desire to be a man of peace. This is due to the fact that the infinity symbol has a complete lack of ability to set boundaries, or any quantitative measure. In a religious sense, this is a sign of the eternal desire for God realization. In a philosophical sense, the sign is the immeasurable concepts of time and space.

The tattoo is suitable for young people, to look mature, talking about his deep wisdom. A distinctive feature of this tattoo is its versatility. It is suitable for young as well as mature people, for men and for women, and for lovers.

The infinity tattoo can be applied to almost any part of the body. It will look spectacular on the wrist, forearm, shoulder, back and even on the finger. This unusual sign will let you stand out in any company. For lovers this is a very stylish tattoo that looks great in a pair, and as engagement rings.

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