3D Tattoo Style

3D Tattoo Style

The type of tattoo design you have can reveal a lot about your personality. Tattoo can also tell your story; you have the freedom to choose the type of tattoo you can get to create your own story. Tattoos have become more sophisticated in recent years; you can have a drawing that completely replicates the image you want the world to see on your skin. It has so much advanced to a stage where tattoo artists can create a very convincing and in some cases, even photo-realistic optical illusions on their client’s body. This is made possible with 3D tattoo style. 3D tattoo design is the latest buzz word. Not every tattoo artist has the skill and tools to do it yet, so when you found one who can create it, you will truly appreciate the beauty and sophistication that comes with 3D tattoo design.

Let’s take a look at what 3D tattoo is all about.

What Is A 3D Tattoo?

3D Tattoo Style34When you hear the word “3D”, what usually comes to mind is the 3D movies. In these movies, for instance, the people and objects in the movies are created in such a way that they seem as though they are coming out of the screen before you. That is how 3D tattoo works. 3D tattoos are created with special tools and skills to appear like they are coming out of your skin.

The first thing you must understand about tattoos is that “tattoos are 2 dimensional”. This means they are flat against your skin which is a three dimensional surface. Since ordinary tattoos are flat, they are 2D in nature. However, 3D tattoo style is three dimensional; they have shadows and everything that makes them appear so real. It requires detail drawing, skills and tools that not every tattoo artist can afford yet.

3D tattoos are enjoying increasing popularity in recent times. Rather than get those boring, 2D, flat tattoo, tattoo lovers prefer something more real and sophisticated. It takes a lot of time and skill to complete a perfect three dimensional tattoo.

Difference Between 3D Tattoos and Regular Tattoos

Without a doubt, 3D tattoos are very different and more sophisticated than your regular tattoo. Regular tattoos appear like just a drawing on your body but 3D tattoo appears like an image or creation that’s sitting on top of your skin. 3D tattoos are not flat like regular tattoos; they have shadows and designed to appear as if they have sides; back and front sides.

3D tattoo artists use dimensions, colors and light to create real images, unlike regular tattoos which are just black and skin. The tattoo artist must add third dimension in a 3D tattoo to trick the eye into believing that the part of object is nearer than the object on which it appears.

The careful placement of light and shadow on the 3D tattoo is what makes them appear three dimensional. This type of tattoo design is fairly new and that’s the reason many tattoo artists are yet to acquire the skill to create it.

Getting A 3D Tattoo Artist

Like we said before, you cannot just get a good 3D tattoo artist in your backyard, people search far and wide to get a good 3D tattoo artist that can make their dreams of having a tattoo that appear so real on their skin. These types of tattoo artists have mastered the art of using light and shadowing tricks to create images that look like they are popping out of your skin. It is very hard to get such artists who can draw perfect 3D tattoo; they are in very hard demand. You may require going to another city or another country before you can fulfill your dream of having a 3D tattoo placed somewhere on your body.

Your chances of getting a 3D tattoo artist might improve if you are staying in a bigger city where there are lots o younger tattoo artists. This is because younger generations keep up with the trend and are willing to learn new things.

To find a good 3D tattoo artist, you need to do your research very well; you cannot just walking into any tattoo parlor and expect to find a 3D tattoo artist. The skill and tool to do this design is still very rare, even when you found one, you might be required to make an appointment and stay for weeks waiting for your turn. Go to highly reputable local tattoo artist and inquire if he can recommend someone that can do 3D  tattoo. Word of Mouth and internet search are great ways you can get a 3D tattoo artist to make your dream of having three dimensional tattoos come true.

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