Biomechanical Tattoo

Biomechanical  Tattoo – Aliens or Terminator?

This unique style of the tattoo is one of the most creative tattoo styles out there. The realism and attention to  details makes biomechanical tattoo style one you will always admire when you see.

History of Biomechanical Tattoo Style

The founding father of the biomechanical tattoo style is considered to be Hans Rudolph Giger – Swiss surrealist painter, whose art inspired many. His art was influenced by horror books of Howard Phillips Lovecraft and constant nightmares that he had. Hans Giger was able to give new look to a human in his paintings. Men and women became part of a complex mechanism with numerous tubes, plates and other mechanical parts. His painting “Hell’s Angels”, where flying demons were depicted chasing biker  – became a logo of a famous biker group. It became popular to tattoo his work of art within this group.

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But the real popularity this style was attributed to the movie “Alien” that came out in 1979. That movie used many illustrations from Hans Giger art. Also after “Terminator” landed on screens, many men started tattooing muscles made out of metal and metal tubes instead of human bones.

First biomechanical tattoo’s did not look very realistic and were done using grey and black colors, but slowly this style evolved into a beautiful and more dimensional work of art. Tattoo artists added more details, started using more colors, taking this tattoo style to a completely new level.

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There is an impression that the mechanism is actually placed inside the flesh and it is attached to the bones and veins, so it will not to disrupt the work of the body. Biomechanics – is sophisticated and complex tattoo style, so the procedure may take a dozen sessions with tattoo artist or even more. It is important to draw the shadows, glare, to create the necessary contrast, correctly choose the color scheme and pay special attention to details.

It’s hard to say if tattoos of this style symbolize something in particular – they create an image of unbreakable, unbeatable, indestructible superman power. Many men used this style to accentuate their muscle physique or maybe even give an impression of a bigger muscles than they have.

Biomechanical Tattoo Placement

In order to achieve a WOW effect – tattoo has to cover quite large amount of human body. Perfect place for this tattoo would be a leg, where artist can draw small and large details, easily add dimension effect to it because of the shape of the human body. Special attention should be paid to the edge of the skin that has been cut or burnt through when mechanical parts were injected into human body.  The look of the tattoo depends greatly from these elements.  Skin can be bent, torn shreds can hang down or a bleeding wound with strapped metal bar edges. Sometimes artists draw sharp, sticking out needles that are shown tearing the skin apart.

This style also looks good if drawn on shoulders and arms. Here you can visualize muscles made out of steel and show details or work of a complex mechanism. This area also allows the artist to continue the tattoo to the chest, ribs, wrists or even fingers. For tall and skinny guys you can choose drawing that shows much more small details, play with colors and work on the “deepness” of the tattoo to make it look better.

Full sleeve tattoo in biomechanical style differs from any other styles of tattoo. The canvas for the artist is long and narrow. Elbows are often drawn showing the mechanism that controls movement of fingers. Also artists often draw veins or tendons intertwined with mechanic parts. 

Shin is also a great canvas for realistic images, they can be applied both on the back and around the legs

Very popular tattoo among men is a biomechanical heart. Men’s chest is a great flat canvas for this design. There is enough space for any wild imagination and fantasies that tattoo artist can come up with.

Biomechanical Tattoo For Women

Biomechanical tattoo looks rough and manly – that’s why not every woman will have “balls” to place this tattoo on her feminine and sexy body. Although some women do manage to get away with this brutal men tattoo look. Some women choose rib cage area to tattoo metallic ribs ripping through skin with small tubes and cords going through them. Sometimes you will see tattoos done on arms or legs among women as well. If you add more vibrant colors and round shapes, give more flexibility to the tubes – you can achieve quite a feminine and exquisite tattoo.

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