New School Tattoo Style

New School Tattoo Style

New school tattoo style began as early as 1970s and it was mostly influenced by some features obtainable in the old school tattooing in the United States.  This style of tattooing is characterized by the use of bright colors, heavy outlines and exaggerated depictions of the subject.

New school tattoo styles become increasingly popular in recent years mostly due to the progress recorded in the tattooing industry. The use of bright colors that characterized New School tattoo style is made possible thanks to technology that made the use of colors without limits by the artists possible.  In fact, the large strokes, bright saturated colors, carton-like shapes, vivid pop of colors and volumes are what are known today as the New School.

There isn’t one specific way to define New School style, but you are sure to recognize it when you see one. New School is all about making use of colors, some of which you cannot find in nature and extreme 3D, It is almost like graffiti shading. While old school makes use of limited color palette and mostly consists of primary colors, New School style has limitless colors, and heavy outlines like cartoons and graffiti.

It is possible to see New School style with some subjects of Old school like owls, nautical, gypsies or animals, however they mostly feature horror themes such as cartoon-like zombies, hip-hop themes and bubble lettering.

One attraction of New school tattoo to many tattoo artists is the freedom it gives them in terms of the subject and technique and they have almost unlimited tools to make their clients wish come to reality.

Origin of New School Tattoo Style

New School tattoo style originated when California tattoo artists started experimenting with lot of design styles in the 1970s. They experimented on subject matters such as Disney characters and famous film actors, even on the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. It was believed that most of the new cultural designs were as result of the demands of customers rather than the inspiration of tattoo artists.

Characteristics of New School Style

New School tattooing combines various elements from different tattooing traditions such as old school, folk art and irezumi. This tattoo style is very similar to old school tattooing because they both make use of heavy outlines.

In terms of colors, New School is very different from Old School. Old School make use of primary colors and sometimes seem dull, however, New School is all about colors without boundary. They are not restricted to traditional subjects like eagles and hearts. New School mostly feature fantastical subjects, strange patterns and gives the artist room for a great deal of customization.  They are not realistic because they exaggerate details in the subject. One amazing thing about New School tattooing is that it doesn’t limit itself by following traditional tattoo guidelines, they can be abstract or bold with colors and they have no specific style to fit in.

Finally, you should note that the New School tattoo style is different from the Neo Traditional. Neo Traditional is new form of old school with brighter colors, and a little 3D shading. Although New School grew from the same roots, but it is now different from Neo Traditional.

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