Surrealism Tattoo Style

Surrealism Tattoo Style

Surrealism is a popular movement in art and literature in the 20th century which juxtaposes unnatural or unrelated events or images in such a strange or dreamlike way that looks really beautiful and intimidating. It is a movement that started after the realism movement. No doubt, surreal tattoos make for pretty interesting tattoos. In most cases, they look very strange and confusing but basically all around awesome.

Surrealism as an art is without a doubt one of the strangest types of art, and of course one of the most impressive form of art. It is a style of art where the artist takes the real then twist and manipulate it until it becomes more dreamlike and sometimes, nightmarish. An artist has to use lot of skills and creativity to come with the idea. It takes times and good creative skills to get a perfect surreal tattoo. In fact, it takes loads of material for an artist to create the art genre of surrealism. The artist has the freedom to change the style or the subject as far as the tattoo gives a viewer the feeling of sublime fantasy, then the artist has succeeded in creating surreal tattoo.

Origin of Surrealism Tattoo

Surrealism is heavily influenced by Salvador Dali. Salvador was a revolution by himself. He was born in Spain in the year 1904. He was a creative artist, sculptor, painter and much more. He impressed and revolutionized the world with his surrealism. His misshapen elephants, melting clocks and esoteric 3D and optical effects designs left an indelible mark in the world of art, fashion, design and pop culture. Dali died in 1989 but his works continue to inspire many artists all over the world, giving them a limitless imagination and creativity. His art made a great impact on tattoo world.

Today, fans of Salvador Dali still celebrate his uniqueness, passion and genius through impressive tattoo style known as surreal tattoo which  involves use of exaggerated, imaginary images, mashed up styles and creations of imagination that look so real but couldn’t actually exist in nature. An artist must master how to recreate what they saw through their eyes in great detail and perfection to come up with a perfect surreal tattoo.

Surreal tattoo consists of everything from Salvador Dali to Fantasy monsters and scary nightmares. It is usually full of symbolic scenes, humor, strange dream-like scenarios. The humors that are depicted in this type of tattoo are sometimes gleeful, impish or possess a cruel or sarcastic twist. Surreal tattoo uses strange creatures and people to create continuity between the images. Some of these images are single images which are used to shock or get the attention of observer.

Surrealism has grown so much in recent years especially in Eastern Europe. It is now considered as one of the edgiest trend of contemporary tattoo art.

Surreal tattoo can look very strange to those who do not understand their meanings or purpose. However, it comes with an undeniable technique, philosophy and even poetry which could appeal to the grey and black tattoo lovers who enjoy life to the fullest.


Surrealism is usually used to depict how fragile life is. Most of the surreal tattoo you will see today makes an allusion to Death and Memento Mori. In other cases, this type of tattoo is used to mock fear and inspire the viewers to see the beauty and fun in this crazy futile world. These original pieces of tattoo art depict unknown universes, parallel worlds and weird dreams.

One amazing fact about this tattoo is that even some people who have it on their skin don’t know their meaning. Surreal tattoo has underlying messages that prompts any observer to ask the owner what they mean.

Pietro Sedda, a Milan-based tattoo artist uses surrealism style to ink the flesh of his clients, painting portraits with no face but shows what they feel instead of they appear to be.  His designs are a bit disturbing but look beautiful nonetheless. Pietro believed that most of clients that request for surreal tattoo don’t know the meaning of the tattoo.

When asked to define surreal tattoo by InkedMag, He answered, ‘I don’t think I can define it. Perhaps melancholic’, I prefer talking about talent and imagination instead of definitions.

Surrealism style tattoo without any doubts might look very intimidating. Not everybody will like this type of tattoo and not every tattoo artist knows how to create one. It takes a lot of work and incredible talent to come up with an imagination and recreate it with an ink. There are many designs of this style of tattoo. One thing is pretty sure when you get a surreal tattoo, you are going to scare some folks and attract the attention of others.

Surrealism Tattoo Style can easily be considered as a protest to regular everyday life that are dictated by today’s society. We can all agree that the person that does this tattoo can see or sense something that is not quite visible to a regular human being.

Most often this tattoo style is depicted using:

  • fairy tales characters – dragons, elf’s and some animals.
  • bright flowers and birds.
  • abstract ornaments.

Surrealism Tattoo 5

One of the main characteristics of Surrealism Tattoo Style is the brightness of the tattoo and rich color use. Sometimes, these tattoos have no hidden meaning or philosophy behind, but they do help to open up to the world, express your inner-self or make you stand out from the “plain” crowd and feel different.

Many beginner tattoo artists start their practice with Surreal Tattoos, because this style allows them to express their talent and imagination.

Women prefer tattooing those abstract tattoo on their necks, hips and on their back – if the tattoo is big enough. Men mostly choose chest and shoulders for this style.

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